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Welcome to the Grosse Pointe Karate Club and its website!

Our mission is to teach traditional, Okinawan Isshin-Ryu karate as it was taught to us by Grand Master Willie Adams, 10th degree black belt.

As your martial arts training progresses, you will become healthier and more confident. Martial arts training will permeate every aspect of your life, making you more relaxed and positive, and giving you the energy and focus necessary to accomplish your goals - at home, at work, and in school.

Students progress at their own pace with the help of a large number of black belts, and under the guidance of our Sensei - Grand Master Michael J. Schaefer, 9th degree black belt.

Students will be taught basic exercises, blocks, strikes, and kicks. Thereafter, students will learn kata, ippon, and kumite. A kata is a set of predefined steps against a set of imaginary opponents. Ippon is a set of contact exercises performed with a partner to reinforce the basic blocks, strikes, and kicks. Kumite is free sparring, or controlled fighting.

More advanced students will also learn traditional kobudo, which is weaponry. Isshin-Ryu karate teaches two primary weapons: bo and sai.

Beginning students are ranked as white, then green belts. More advanced students are ranked as brown belts, with the goal of becoming a black belt.

If you are interested in improving yourself, learning self-defense, and getting in shape, contact the Neighborhood Club, or see our Classes and Locations page, for more information and class availability.


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