Harper Woods Karate Club
Annual Summer Picnic, June 12, 2004

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These pictures were taken at Master Adams' and Grand Master Schaefer's annual summer picnic, June 12, 2004. Thanks to Mr. Tomko for the pictures.

Master Schaefer and Grand Master Adams (58Kb)
Master Schaefer, Sensei Hargrove, Sensei Bill Schaefer (51Kb)
Mr. Tomko and Sensei Shunk (66Kb)
Mr. Radziecki taking it easy (65Kb)
Mr. McAuley, Ms. Battaglia, Mr. Hess, and Mr. Gamble (59Kb)
Mr. McAuley, Emily Gamble, Mr. Gamble, Mr. Grace (57Kb)
Ms. Hess and Mrs. Hess (60Kb)
Mr. Brotzke grillin' it up! (89Kb)
Nathan Sievert and Mary Brotzke (73Kb)
Ms. Femmenineo, Ms. McAuley, and Mrs. McAuley (60Kb)
Mr. Decker and Ms. Fisher (75Kb)
Mr. and Mrs. Grayell, and Sensei Lahti (61Kb)
Keith McAuley and Stephan Hess (41Kb)

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