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Welcome to the Grosse Pointe Karate Club. We are pleased to have you as a new student to our dojo. On this page you will find useful information as you begin your Isshinryu Karate training.

What To Wear To Class? New students should dress comfortably to class. Sweats and a t-shirt are appropriate. More advanced students purchase karate uniforms (gi). Please remove shoes and socks on entering the dojo area. Also, we recommend that you do not wear jewelry while training.

What To Bring To Class? New students are advised to bring a notebook and pen to take notes after class has been dismissed.

What To Expect Of Your First Few Classes? Grand Master Schaefer or the head instructor will start the class, on time, by announcing the need to line up. At that time you will line up with the other students. New adults will line up at the end of the adult line, and new juniors will line up at the end of the junior line. Students will sit in the appropriate manner and class will then be "bowed in". A set of warm-up exercises are performed, then the basic Isshinryu upper and lower body movements are practiced. Since you do not know these movements, you will be separated from the class to learn them. After the class finishes the movements, you will rejoin the class for more exercises. A short break will be given, followed by more instruction and/or practice. Thereafter, class will be "bowed out".

As a new student, your goal is to learn the basic movements so you can join the other students in the line.

If you have any questions, ask a higher-ranking brown belt, or a black belt.

Waiver: All students are required to sign a "release, assumption of risk, waiver, and indemnification agreement". This will be provided to you during class.

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