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Isshinryu Patch

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The Isshinryu Patch - "Mizu-Gami"

This colorful emblem represents a vision that came to the founder of Isshinryu karate, Tatsuo Shimabuku, in a dream he had during the time he was developing Isshinryu. The words isshin ryu, when translated from the Okinawan language, literally mean "one heart method."

Goddess: Mizu-Gami - Half woman, half serpent. She represents the quietness and calmness a karate-ka should display.

Hands: The goddess' hands represent heaven and earth. The left hand is open in the universal sign of peace, and the right hand is closed in a fist showing war or strength if evil persists.

Dragon: (1) Symbolizes good luck. (2) Represents Shimabuku as in his nickname dragon boy. (3) The Mizu-Gami's child.

Patch Shape: The oval shape of the patch depicts the Isshinryu vertical fist. The shape also suggests wholeness. The oval has no beginning and no end.

Gray Background: Represents the calm before the storm.

Waters: The waters are troubled, showing a calm goddess surrounded by turmoil.

Yellow in Water: Shows animosity between the Japanese and Chinese.

Karate: Represents defense only.

3 Stars:

    3 Elements 3 Grand Masters 3 Styles
    Physical Motobu Father - Gojo Ryu
    Spiritual Miyagi Mother - Shorin Ryu
    Mental Kyan Son - Isshin Ryu

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