Grosse Pointe Karate Club
General Dojo Rules

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Courtesy and Respect

  1. Never interrupt when someone else is talking
  2. No talking when you're lined up
  3. Bowing is a sign of respect for rank. Always show respect to each other, especially to higher belts.
  4. While in the dojo, Black Belts should be addressed as "Mr.", "Mrs.", or "Ms.". 3rd, 4th, and 5th Degree Black Belts should be addressed as "Sensei". 6th Degree Black Belts and above should be addressed as "Master".
  5. When you approach a higher belt to ask a question, wait for his/her attention, then initiate a bow. This indicates your respect for the higher rank's knowledge and experience.
  6. If you are approached with a question by a lower rank, recognize his/her dedication and desire for increased knowledge by bowing in return.
  7. Your belt (obi) is a symbol of achievement in karate and should never be treated disrespectfully, or tossed or dragged carelessly on the floor
  8. Visiting other dojos to watch or participate in their workouts or demonstrations without permission from the senior instructor is not permitted
  9. Proper courtesy and respect towards your dojo, instructors, and fellow students will be practiced at all times
  10. When you give respect and you get respect, you feel good about yourself

During Class

  1. No profanity
  2. No gum chewing
  3. Line up quickly when called
  4. Keep conversation to a minimum. It only takes away from your training - as well as interfering with the training of the person you are talking to.
  5. All students must have permission from a Black Belt to leave the dojo floor
  6. Bow when entering or leaving the mat
  7. Safety is of prime importance


  1. Sparring is never allowed before or after class
  2. Sparring is never allowed if not supervised by Sensei or a high ranking Black Belt
  3. Mouthpiece and groin protectors are mandatory at all times for all students when sparring
  4. No contact to the face, head, and spine is allowed, including when protective gear is worn
  5. Light contact to the body and groin is allowed
  6. Sparring with or without protective gear (hands, feet, and head) is at the discretion of Sensei
  7. Any student who acts without regard for the safety of other students or intentionally endangers or injures another student will be suspended or permanently dismissed

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